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Everyday Kitty Cleanse Feminine Bar

Everyday Kitty Cleanse Feminine Bar

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 (Formally known as Kitty Cleanse Bar) 

Feeling fresh and balanced all day is such a confidence booster! That’s why we created this Everyday Kitty Cleanser feminine bar!

It helps fight against & help prevent odors, yeast infections, bv, vaginitis and will aid in keeping your pH balanced! And to top it off, it helps regulate your menstrual cycle and helps reduce cramps and odor when that time of the month comes!

And with No harsh chemicals, fragrances and being cruelty free, you can feel confident, safe & happy about your choice in using our all natural feminine products! 

Ingredients, Instructions, FAQ’s & product suggestions below: 

Ingredients: Peppermint, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Calendula Oil and other essential oils and herbs 

Instructions: Lather soap with towel (or whatever you bathe with), take your time cleansing your entire body and vagina. Be sure to only cleanse your vulva, in between your lips and around your entrance. Never insert anything into your vagina. 


Can I use this on my entire body and vagina everyday & on when I’m on my cycle? Yes! 

Will this help regulate my cycle & shorten days? Our customers have raved about this soap bar helping regulate their cycles. Some have stated that it decreased by a day 

 Product Suggestions: 

Add our Kitty Drip Feminine Bar for libido benefits & increase in slipperiness, Sweet Juices Feminine Oil to help maintain moisture, help with inflammation & soreness and our Probiotic Supplements For Her to balance good bacteria internally that keep her healthy inside and out! These three products is going to have your kitty healthy, tasty and feeling so good and refreshed!

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