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Niacinamide, Turmeric & Neroli Brightening Face + Body Soap Bar

Niacinamide, Turmeric & Neroli Brightening Face + Body Soap Bar

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The answered prayer for your face, body, underarms and booty & back acne!

With our powerful star ingredients niacinamide, turmeric and neroli, it can be used to help brightening dark marks, scars, body AND facial acne, helps with hyperpigmentation and more.

Niacinamide helps minimize redness and blotchiness, minimizes pores, wrinkles and fine lines while regulating oil production, treats hyperpigmentation and acne while helping to prevent sun damage.

Tips for Skin types:

Acne/Oily: use on entire face and other desired areas on your body as spot treatment. Add our Fresh Fresh Face Cleanser for maximum results! 

Normal/Combo: target your oily or areas that breakout frequently. With this skin type it's usually your T-zone area (forehead and nose), however most people are oily or breakout frequently just on their forehead and chin with this combination! So target those areas with this soap. We suggest using our Fresh Face Cleanser for your entire face.

Never use on vulva or inside vagina. topical use only!

Instructions/Tips: Cleanse with this soap bar in the a.m and Fresh Face Cleanser at night. Or use this soap bar twice a day.

Pair with our Brightening Scrub, Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Serum, Fresh Face Toner, Moisturizer or Amor Healing Face & Body Oil for faster results


1 Bar