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Kitty Drip Feminine Bodywash

Kitty Drip Feminine Bodywash

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Our Feminine Wash is changing peoples lives one kitty at a time!

If you suffer from or have symptoms like bacterial or fungal vaginitis, yeast infections, itching, vaginal dryness, unbalanced pH levels, unpleasant odors, need “her” to bounce back after pregnancy or after your period, need a little help getting in the mood because of everyday life or certain medications that affect your libido, you need this feminine wash beauty!

Our feminine wash is what you need to fight against and prevent those bacterial infections and unpleasant odors, increase wetness💦, increase sexual desire🙌🏽, help with exhaustion and depression, and help keep “her” balanced! 

Please do a patch test to be sure you’re not unknowingly allergic to any ingredients used.


Will this feminine wash irritate my vagina? This bodywash is gentle and will not cause any irritation. However, every kitty is different. If you have an extremely sensitive vagina or don’t want the libido benefits (especially for teenagers), try our Sensitive Feminine Bar!

What does it smell like? Our feminine wash have a sweet botanical smell because of the rose herbs, rose and lemon essential oils that we use.

Can I use this while I am pregnant? We do not recommend using anything other than our Shea and Honey Soap Bar on your kitty during pregnancy. Always consult with your OBGYN. 

 Do you use fragrances? No, we wouldn't dare! Absolutely No skin-irritating fragrances, No parabens, No animal testing, No synthetic ingredients/fillers. ONLY Natural and Organic ingredients, always.   

 Pairs well with our Sweet Juices Feminine (Yoni) Oil🙌🏽

Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Shea Butter, Clary Sage, Rose Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Calendula, blend of essential oils and organic herbs