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Body Glow” Shimmer Body Butter (Seasonal)

Body Glow” Shimmer Body Butter (Seasonal)

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Now back all year round!

This moisturizing, sweet vanilla flavored body butter has the same feel and skin benefits as our other body butters. This one will just leave you GLOWING!

This shimmer body butter is perfect for summer or when you’re stepping out or on vacay and want that extra glow! Who wouldn’t want a long lasting glow and 24 hour moisture at the same time? YES, please! 

So why should you purchase?

• protects and heals dry, cracked skin

• 24 hour moisture (YES! No more ashy skin after JUST putting on a lotion or other product that you have to keep reapplying) 

• no skin irritating fragrances or chemicals 

• protects skin from sun damage and will have your skin on GLOW!

Star Ingredients: Shea and Mango butter, Hempseed oil, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oil.


Are these fragrances? We would never! No fragrances, No parabens, No animal testing, No synthetic ingredients/fillers. ONLY Natural and Organic ingredients, always. 

Is the shimmer skin safe? Completely. Micas are natural and skin safe, whereas liquid dyes are not. However, we recommend our eczema prone or SUPER/EXTREMELY sensitive skin beauties to use our Honey, Please Body Butter but it will not have the shimmering affect.

Is it super greasy? Not at all. Our body butters are known for the simple fact that they do not leave a waxy or greasy residue on our customers skin. 


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