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Body Butters ( now with brightening benefits )

Body Butters ( now with brightening benefits )

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Our non-greasy and non waxy, brightening  body butter will help replenish dry and cracked skin. The moisture and healing properties are unmatched! The texture is so perfect and will instantly soften skin and leave it feeling and looking moisturized. It's perfect for all skin types (oily, normal, sensitive and eczema prone skin). The smells are AMAZING, just choose your flavors! 


So why should you purchase?

• protects and heals dry, cracked skin

• helps brighten hyperpigmentation and dark areas on the body

• repairs the skin barrier and delays skin aging 

• 24 hour moisture (YES! No more ashy skin after JUST putting on a lotion or other product that you have to keep reapplying) 

• no skin irritating fragrances or chemicals 

• protects skin from sun damage and more

Flavor Breakdown: 

Brown Sugah Babe: brown sugar, vanilla 

Juicy Berries: lemondrop, sweet strawberry, blueberry 

Lavender Lemonade: lavender essential oil, lemonade 

Sweet Sangria: sangria, sugar

Tropical Gal: mango, pineapple, sweet orange 

Star Ingredients: Shea and Mango butter, Hempseed oil, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oil.



Are these fragrances? We would never! No fragrances, No parabens, No animal testing, No synthetic ingredients/fillers. ONLY Natural and Organic ingredients, always. 

Is it super greasy? Not at all. Our body butters are known for the simple fact that they do not leave a waxy or greasy residue on our customers skin. 

How will I know when certain seasonal flavors will be back? Our Instagram @jacoskinandbeauty and if you’re still not sure please text our customer service number under Contact Us and our team will be happy to help