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Sweet Juices” Feminine Oil

Sweet Juices” Feminine Oil

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When I say Sweet Juices! I mean tasty kitty approved! This is liquid gold for your vagina! 


• increases wetness💦

• helps with cramps and prevents odor while on your menstrual cycle (just place a few drops on your sanitary napkin.. can not be used on tampons or any other product you use that is inserted into the vagina) 

• helps eliminate ingrown hairs with consistent use

• helps with irritation, soreness, inflammation + vaginal dryness

• helps rid your vagina of bacteria, fungal vaginitis + yeast infections and bad odor

• has antifungal antibacterial, Ph balancing properties

• infused with 4 100% organic herbs and essential oils

•helps keep you feeling fresh all day

• a little goes a long way 

How to use: 

• Shake well before use

• Apply after your shower (using our Kitty Drip or Everyday Kitty Cleanse Feminine Bar or Bodywash). Put 2-3 drops of oil on your clean fingertips and rub it in on your vulva, top of your vagina or clitoris. Do not insert inside your vagina. 

• Apply this oil in the morning or in the evening if your having any symptoms listed above. 

• Lastly, prepare yourself for a cool and calming sensation beauty! 

PLEASE READ! Your vagina is sensitive so test a sample patch test on your inner wrist or inner thigh to make sure you do not have any unknown allergies! 

Star Ingredients: Apricot Oil, Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Blend of Herbs and Essential Oils 

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